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Српски Глас о Видовданској представи

Saturday 25.06.2005 - 19:30


Lot 260, Bickley Road, Maddington W.A. 6109

Dali ste rezervisali karte?
Have you reserved your tickets?
Ako niste, hitno zovite tel: (08) 9452 0391 ili 0421 891 071
Urgently call on the above numbers.
Play will be performed using both Serbain and English.

Vidovdan - the Play!
Bojana Novakovic (winner of the AFIA of 2004 - for her role in "Marking Time") arriving from Sydney just for the play.
Boro Kandic (winner of various awards in New York, Italy and Serbia)

Our Stage - the whole hall, no limits or limitations. Guaranteed close-ups of all the actors.

Never seen in the Serbian Community to date.

Tickets $50 per person - includes:
Vidovdan - the play
Cocktail - 25 varieties of food
Jazz Music - Live 3 piece orchestra
Guests - include many dignitaries from all walks of life
Fun - guaranteed!

Come and have some fun with us, and meet some new people and let us meet you.

Predstava pocinje u 19:30 casova u subotu 25 juna 2005 godine i igra se u Velikoj sali Srpskog Centra za Zapadnu Australiju, 498 Kenwick Road, Maddington.

Boro Kandic s rediteljem i glumacima. Predsednik Pajo Novakovic, sekretar Ljubo Tomasevic i Kapetan DraganBorivoje Kandic

Boro Kandic s rediteljem i glumacima, predsednik Pajo Novakovic, sekretar Ljubo Tomasevic i Kapetan Dragan

prva  proba

Glumci i reziser na prvoj probiBorivoje Kandic

PRESS RELEASE - (arhivska kopija)

1389 -  2005 Vidovdanski Susreti - Serbian Community Centre - Maddington, Western Australia
Kapetan Dragan protiv kleveta - Daniel Snedden Vs The Australian (link)
Sarajevski Atentat - Vidovdan 2006
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