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In this work we are bound, in the most intimate way a member of the public can be in a work of art by the artist offering a piece of himself that he has had taken out by operation and transformed into the finest human soap. Bathing under the words 'Zoran foams well', there is a cleansing of male within female, of curators within an artist, of Croats within Serbs. Zoran's body becomes telepresent, or to be more precise, it functions as a body of love in two places at the same time: to love means 'giving something that one doesn't have.'

In his works Todorovic uses not only an exceptional media but also exceptional technique. Here, like in some other works of his, technique is provocation. Under the term provocation we don't consider that term's negative context - banal provocation seeking reaction, but rather creating revelations.

Zoran is currently teaching at the Faculty of Fine Art in Belgrade from where he graduated in painting in 1992.

  • Sat  16/4/05  12.00 - 18.00
  • Sun 17/4/05  12.00 - 15.00
  • Agalma 
  • Performance Installation
  • NRLA Midland 05

Block 2
MIdland Railway Workshops
Yelverton Drive (formerly Montreal Rd)

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