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The Living Screen is a primitive Bio-Kino toy,
designed to travel the side show alleys of art.
Peer thru the Bio-Projector
and experience the astounding 1/2 millimetre projection,
as it transforms with the living canvas.
Take savage pleasure in how the screen made from blood
Splatters the dead back to life.
Delight in primeval horror,
as the Cellular Dentata lurches towards you for a bite.
OR look awry, as the Monstrous Other, gazes back into your eye.

The Living Screen project produces a new poetics, made possible by fusing bio-technology into a living cinematic apparatus. It embodies and anticipates renewed cinematic techniques and modes of expression, while also offering an alternative approach to understanding Bio-Art, which is, ‘Bio-Art as Freak Show’. The project re-travels early cinema history and brings film theory into play to approach ones engagement with a Bio-Kino.  Screens are grown or scavenged from different tissue sources and Nano-Movies are projected over these living canvases, via the Bio-Projector.  “So don’t wait, don’t hesitate, and gaze into The Living Screen!” 

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