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Cast The RobbersVivienne GarrettLara TumakKaren RobertsGeorge ShevtsovBorivoje KandicGillian JonesRaechelle Lee

........Each man has the same right to the greatest and the least; claim destroys claim, impulse destroys impulse, force destroys force. Might is right, and the limits of our strength our only law. It is true, there are certain conventions men have made, to rule the pulses that turn the world. Honourable reputation! A valuable coin indeed, one to drive a fine bargain with for the man who knows how to use it. Conscience yes, indeed! An excellent scarecrow, to keep the sparrows from the cherry trees! And a well written cheque to help the bankrupt too at the last moment. Yes indeed, most admirable devices to keep fools respectful and to hold down the mob, so that clever people can live in better comfort. It must be admitted, most ingenious devices! They, remind me of the hedges my peasants plant so cunningly around their fields, so that the rabbits cannot jump over no, not on your life, not one single rabbit! – But their lord and master sets spur to his horse, and gallops away where the crops were standing. Poor little rabbit! It's a sad part to play, to be a rabbit in this world! But your lord and master needs his rabbits!....

(Franz Von Moor - Friedrich Schiller’s -The Robbers)

Monday, 15 September 2003 - 19:30

The Blue Room – Studio, 53 James St Northbridge


Play reading of


Adaptation by
Gillian Jones & Boris Radmilovich

based on translation by F. J. Lamport




his sons
KARL – Geoff Kelso

FRANZ – Gillian Jones

his niece

libertines and bandits
SPIEGELBERG - Steve Turner

SCHWEITZER – Michael McCall

GRIMM – Karen Roberts

RATZMANN – Vivienne Garrett

SCHUFTERLE - Karen Roberts

ROLLER – Raechelle Lee

SCHWARZ – Bora Kandic

KOSINSKY – Raechelle Lee

HERRMANN, bastard son of a nobleman – Don Smith

DANIEL, Count Moor’s servant – George Shevtsov

PASTOR MOSER - Steve Turner

A PRIEST – Steve Shaw

ROBBERS, and others – members of cast 

Directed by Boris Radmilovich


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