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The Bread Trap

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About The Bread Trap
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Chrysa - Dawn Yates

Chrysa - Dawn Yates - "The Bread Trap"


Chrysa - Dawn Yates & Yannis Nolys - George Shevtsov   "The Bread Trap"George Shevtsov

Chrysa and Yannis

Dawn Yates - "The Bread Trap"
          Dawn has spent the last four years acting in a wide and diverse range of productions. Having just completed a B.A. majoring in English and History at UWA, ”The Bread Trap” marks her second professional production. Previous acting credits include: Deckchair Theatre's ”This Hospital is My Country”, the sellout season of  ”Pop” at the Blue Room, Rosalind in ”As You Like It” with UDS/GRADS, Diana Barry in ”Anne of Green Gables” performed at Tranby House, ”Proteus Unleashed” for Artrage and the title role in WA Youth Theatre Company's 1999 production of ”Mother Courage”. She is also a talented guitarist, singer and songwriter and is currently recording her first CD and playing gigs regularly throughout Perth.
Chrysa - Dawn Yates,Yannena - Marta Kaczmarek & Yannis Nolys - George Shevtsov   "The Bread Trap"
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Video - Theatre performances / Video zapisi sa predstava / Snimci iz predstava

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