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Happy Days
by Samuel Becket

             Marta Kaczmarek brings to Perth stage one of theatre’s most challenging of female roles - Winnie buried up to her waist in the scorched earth.
Boris Radmilovich is her husband Willie.

             Last performed in Perth 1975, this production breathes new life into this landmark absurdist text and is brilliantly directed by Marcelle Schmitz

Season: 24 April to 8 May (2004)
Rechabites Hall 224 William Street Northbridge
BOCS ticketing 9484 1133 and Outlets Groups 9321 6831

Design ..................................... Joanna Zebrowska
Lighting Design .................................. Fiona Reid
Stage Management Assistance .. Philippa Maughan

Graphics and Photography ....  Peter Stone
Costumes ............................  Memory Lane

Publicity & Marketing   ............  Irene Jarzabek

Marta Kaczmarek - Winnie; Photography  Peter Stone
Boris Radmilovich - Villie; Photography  Peter Stone

Director's Notes

Those people who think Beckett a prophet of despair, and his plays depressing, have, I think, missed some fairly significant points. His attitude towards his characters may be unsentimental, and irony certainly doesn't escape him, but the predominant feature is undoubtedly one of compassion. He acknowledges the difficulties we face in the certainty of our own demise, and that acknowledgement in itself is perhaps the only consolation possible: to know we are not alone. His observations strike me as being supremely pragmatic, courageous, and kindly. The philosophical basis, that the universe is immutably irrational and the search for meaning within its context is futile, invites us to consider the quality of our search for happiness and fulfilment. If life is meaningless, then refusing to gel depressed about it is surely a heroic aspiration!

So here is Winnie, suffering the profound effects of gravity, filling up her empty hours with routines, and seeking comfort for her solitude through talking - just like any one of us! But gravity's pull is strong. The price of her daily routines is the depletion of her resources. language means little without a social context - and Willie responds little. Therein lie her struggles. To me she embodies the ferocity of the human spirit, as she fights, disabled in the landscape, against the inevitability of her own degeneration. She is no hero, but neither will she give in to self-pity. Whether we weep for her, lough at her, or applaud her, she is ultimately a most human being.

I am deeply grateful to Marta Kaczmarek for involving me in this production. Congratulations to cast and crew for their extraordinary work.

And thank you for coming - may you have happy times!

Marcelle Schmitz

Tadaria Studio gratefully acknowledges the support of: Performing Arts Centre Inc, Ausdance WA and ArtsWA.

Many thanks to: Jansis O’Hanlon, Chris Edmund, Leith McPherson, Andy Cross, Vivienne Glance, John Goldney, Kasia Kaczmarek, The Hole in the Wall Theatre Company, Andrew Basinski, Charles Bono, Tomasz Cieslakowski, Jenny Green, Kane Ikin, Kazimierz Jackiewicz, Terry Knight, Kylie Novak, Glenn Bell, Krysia & Maarten Rog, Roman Wesolowski, Jenny Poh and Stewe Shaw.

By arrangement with the Licensor, The Estate of Samuel Beckett c/-Curtis Brown (Aust) Pty Ltd.

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