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 The Mask
Humphrey Bower

A man pays for a woman to come to his house. She elicits the memory of a mask he encountered on a holiday in Venice. Past and present, narrative and unseen action conspire, as the woman becomes an actor his story. A drama of desire, mystery and loss. written and directed by Humphrey Bower, with Boris Radmilovich and Lucille Reynolds, and sound engineer David Le May.

Humphrey Bower was a founding member of the Melbourne writing/acting ensemble Whistling in the Theatre in the 1980s, and collaborated on many of their scripts and productions. In the 1990s, he adapted and performed in Dostoyevsky's The Idiot, and wrote Rigoletto: a perversion and Bodysongs: The Fatman Tour, all for TheatreWorks. He also scripted a new translation of Brecht's Mother Courage for Anthill Theatre, and adapted Natural Life from the novel by Marcus Clarke for Playbox.

In 2000 he received the Ian Reed Foundation award, and was writer-in-residence with ABC radio drama in Perth from July to December.
His credits as an actor for ABC radio include Bookchat, The Unborn, Sightseeing, The Song of the Earth and Maia.


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