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Joanna Zebrowska Designer

Joanna was born in Poland and completed a Diploma in Graphic Arts and a Master Degree in Fine Arts. She worked as a Head Graphic Editor and Graphic Artist for advertising agencies and magazines and was a freelance artist in Poland for 16 years.
                 She arrived in Australia in 1991 and has since worked for Artrage Festival, CTV- Channel 31, Department of Employment & Training as a Graphic Designer, as a stage and costume designer for the Polish Community Youth Theatre and as a book illustrator. Joanna has held exhibitions in Poland and overseas and more recently in Perth on lnternet at Vizual Net Gallery.
               An admirer of Samuel Beckett and actor Marta Kaczmarek, Joanna was pleased to be asked to design the set for this production and aims "to add a touch of beautiful Australian colours to the set."

Marta Kaczmarek - Winnie ;  Photography  Peter Stone
Photography  Peter Stone
Photography  Peter Stone
Photography  Peter Stone
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